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As some of the hardest working people, teachers and education leaders need professional development that is practical, efficient, easy-to-implement, and high-impact.It is my privilege to offer engaging workshops that empower educators to sharpen their practice, use technology creatively, and deepen student learning.
If your district, school, or team is interested in any of the following workshops, let's connect: Using Words and Questions to Transform How You Lead and TeachStrategies and Tools You Can Use TomorrowEmpowering Students Through ChoiceContent Design & Delivery in a Digital WorldGoogley Education:Getting Started with G Suite (Google Apps) for EducationGoogle Slides Can Be Used for That?!Other: Customizable workshops related to your goals and/or specific Google apps training.

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Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

I continuously return to these videos for my personal growth in public speaking. They include inspiration, insight, and ideas.
The Office: Wisdom from Dwight
10 Ways To Have A Better Conversation - Celeste Headlee (10:45) My all-time favorite TED Talk.
MORE: How to Speak So That People Want to Listen (9:43)Brain Rule #10: Vision Trumps All Other Sense... "Pictures Beat Text" (0:28)Brain Rule #4: "We don't pay attention to boring things" (1:29)
... you have just 10 minutes to keep someone's attention. After 10 minutes, you have to switch gears in some way to refresh their attention for another 10 (a discussion, a joke, a new story, etc.) If you don't, you will lose them.Want to sound like a leader? Start by saying your name right. (15:32)TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking (7:55)The Secret Structure of Great Talks (18:01)

From "The Great Divorce" by C. S. Lewis

If it is possible to have a favorite book, then mine may be C. S. Lewis' The Great Divorce.  The allegory captures conversations when a bus from Hell visits Heaven.  The story offers marvelous insight about fractured perspectives, the choices we make, and truth.  Below are just a few of my favorite snippets; the book (and audio book!) are worth your time.

*Double arrows (>>) and blue textare used to indicate when a character from Hell is speaking.
>> 'I’m asking for nothing but my rights.' > 'I haven’t got my rights, or I should not be here. You will not get yours either. You’ll get something far better. Never fear.’ _________________________________________
> 'Once you were a child. Once you knew what inquiry was for. There was a time when you asked questions because you wanted answers, and were glad when you had found them. Become that child again: even now.’
>> ‘Ah, but when I became a man I put away …

Strategic, Effective, Digital Communication Tools

​ Here's what I've learned on my journey to develop the weekly "Tech Tip" emails for my school district (with the goal that folks will actually read them and learn something).
Auto-Play Witiin Emails Within email, videos will not play (you must click on the link and open the video in a new tab to watch it).  GIFs (animated images) will play within the email because technically they are images not videos. 
Creating GIFs I use a paid program called Camtasia to create GIFs and videos. If you search for free GIF creators, you will find oodles of options, but I haven't used any free ones to recommend specifically.  
Email Templates and Responsive Design You can use third-party tools to find email templates that will automatically adjust to any device (responsive design). For example, if I view the email on my phone, my iPad, and my laptop, it will adapt and look awesome on all three! Here are a couple responsive design email template options: Gmail Templates from CloudHQ - Ch…

Self-Directed PD Choiceboard

Customizable Digital Flyer and Choiceboard
PDF version with clickable linksMake your own copy to customize and share

If you find this resource useful and/or if you use the template to create something new, please share in the Comments below!

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