Simple Magnification Tips and Tools

Hard time seeing your computer?  Website font too small?  Gradebook getting a little blurry?  Here are some tools to help!

These tricks and tools are an essential (and awesome) support for my low vision (Stargardt's), but they are useful for other situations too.  Most people don't need these often, but if you find yourself leaning in close to your computer to see something or using a program with tiny font and no zoom option, these will help.  
  1. Zoom in and out on any website:  CTRL + or CTRL 
    Press Ctrl and the plus sign (+) to zoom IN. (Repeat as desired.)
    Press Ctrl and the minus/dash sign (–) to zoom OUT. (Repeat as desired.)
  2. On a PC, use the screen magnifier. (Macs have this in the Accessibility features.)
    Go to your Start Menu and in the search box at the bottom, type Magnifier.

    Play with the "Views" options to find the one you prefer.  I use "Docked" so the magnifier stays at the top of my screen and follows my mouse.
  3. Get a free magnifier app on your phone to help you read tiny labels and any other fine print.


  1. Google Apps User Guide to Accessibility (primarily for blind or low-vision users):


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